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3. The A to Z of Title Insurance

Duration Time
60 minutes

What does TI cover/not cover? How do you use this insight to create value and protection for your client?

Do you know what title insurance covers and what it excludes? Why do real estate lawyers discourage you from getting a survey even when you and your client want to know more about the property? Should you provide a survey in your listing package? This course will teach you the basics of Title Insurance, and critically, illuminate the untapped potential that exists for you to help your clients make better buying decisions through navigating the pitfalls of willful blindness so readily promoted by many real estate lawyers.

What title insurance is, what it covers, and who it protects.
How title insurers deal with claims.
The willful blindness (ignorance is bliss) trap and how to avoid it.
What title insurers and lawyers won’t tell you!
How to explain TI to your client and help them make smarter decisions on either side of the deal.