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BoundaryWise and Real Estate Boards

The BoundaryWise Academy and Your Real Estate Board

The BoundaryWise Academy partners with Ontario Real Estate Boards to bring the CBW Professional designation to their members. In doing so we work with you to elevate the level of education, competence, accountability and professionalism of your member Realtors, and help you deliver on your mandate to provide superior continuing education opportunities.

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Partner with us to deliver standard-setting continuing education to your member Realtors

Standard-setting Continuing Education for your members

The BoundaryWise™ Academy Professional Education Program has trained thousands of Ontario’s leading Realtors who attended more than 1000 on-site classes over the past five years.

Now BoundaryWise™ is available as an accredited, self-guided online curriculum designed to empower real estate professionals with the knowledge they need to mitigate risk and protect their clients.

Developed and Delivered by Land and Boundary Experts

Developed by Protect Your Boundaries Inc. and Krcmar Surveyors, one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leading land surveying firms, it responds to a critical gap in the marketplace: nearly half the properties in the GTA have hidden boundary issues that could jeopardize a sale. But Realtors and their clients often lack the knowledge and tools to identify potential problems.

The BoundaryWise Academy and CBW Professional Designation is considered a leading standard in excellence in Real Estate.  By endorsing and promoting it you are aligning your board with this organization, and delivering on your mandate to provide high-quality, impactful education.

At this time the BoundaryWise CBW Designation is not available for in-house classes.

There is currently no cost to participate in our partnership program.